About Our Company

At Shampooch, we are:

  • Animal lovers ourselves, which means that we treat your pets like our own family!
  • Committed to providing the finest in affordable mobile grooming services
  • Experts in making your pet look amazing!  We use top-of-the-line products to restore and maintain the health and shine of your pet’s coat.

As professionals in the grooming industry, we know that many dogs dislike visiting a grooming facility.  Over the years, we have discovered that grooming your pet in familiar surroundings offers superior results.  Especially for pets that become nervous when traveling to store-based shops, it is much more comfortable when they are groomed within “sniffing distance” of their own home. 

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Our Equipment - Top Notch!

Shampooch Professional Pet Grooming is a state-of-the-art mobile facility.  Our spa van is completely self-contained, roomy and clean.  We clean and sterilize our tools in between grooming sessions to eliminate any fleas, bacteria and pet hair.

Here are some of the van’s additional features:

  • Hot and cold water for your pet’s comfort
  • Central air conditioning to keep the van cool on hot Florida days
  • Full size stainless tub and pressurized bathing system to loosen dead hair
  • Grooming table with optional adjustments for large breeds

Testimonials from Our Loyal Customers...

“Amanda has groomed our white Ragdoll cat, Bogey for approximately 2 years.  She is very flexible in her scheduling and is always on time.  Most of all she loves what she does and it shows!  Her work area is always neat and tidy.  Bogey is very relaxed and at ease in her care and he looks and smells great after his bath.  I would highly recommend Amanda for all your pet needs.  We are very happy with her!”

~ Jane D., Client since August 2008 


We can't say enough great things about the company and Amanda; but here are just a few.  They are always on time and keep their appointments.  When Curly gets groomed we know that he is safe and in the hands of someone who not only cares about him but who is also a pet owner herself and knows how to treat dogs.  The truck and grooming area are always clean and professional.  In this age of economical struggle, the prices are competitive and the service is time saving as they come right to your door.

It is our intention to use Shampooch to groom our pet forever and we recommend the service to all of our family and friends because with Shampooch we know that our pet is safe and believe that when compared to other services, Shampooch is "Top Dog."

~ Al B.


“It was hard enough to adopt a rescue dog who had been so battered and hurt that all he did was shake.  That was 3 years ago and without the help of Amanda of Shampooch, we would never have the gorgeous dog that our precious Corby is now.  Her patience with our very nervous dog made it an experience he looks forward to and he actually jumps for joy when she is at the door.   Not only does Amanda groom our dog, but if she sees a behavior or something wrong (tick or excessive biting), she is not hesitant to inform us and offer her expert advice.   While some may think a mobile groomer is a luxury, having Amanda consistently groom our dog is well worth it.” 

~ Bobbye, Client since February 2008



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